Routes and Bridges affected by '19 Spring flooding my still be closed or restricted due to the extent of damages. Please consult Nebraska 511 webside for the latest in restriction information.

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A permit fee will not be refunded after a permit is issued. No refund will be made if a permit is not used or if a permit is declared void because of a violation of the terms and conditions of the permit. The accuracy of the information on a permit is the responsibility of the customer/applicant. Only certain permit types can be amended. Permits can be amended only once. The fee for an amendment is $10.00 .

If you need to contact the permit office please call (402) 471-0034 during business hours; M-F 8am-5pm. Permit staff is not available on holidays.
*** Training Videos ***
Short Training Videos are now available. Click the following links to watch the specific session.

Understanding the Different Routing Options
Text Description Based Routing
Picking Route Segments Routing
Automated Origin / Destination Routing

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